First let me say, if you have commented recently and I haven’t replied or acknowledged you- PLEASE forgive me.  My computer is having some sort of problem and keeps kicking me out of wherever I am and If I refresh it may return me but wipes out everything I just typed and I have to start over (everywhere except new posts), so please be patient while I try to get this resolved. Thanks

Well I thought it was my computer until my son asked last night why internet not working. A-ha! Not my computer it was my internet hook-up, made a call and all is good now. Thank the heavens! I was about to start having blog withdrawals. Does that mean I’m addicted? Hell yes! I’ve already stated that fact. Okay now on to my actual post…..

….I caught him last night. Yep that’s right I did some checking up on him and lo-and-behold…
He was doing and exactly where he said he was! I caught him doing the right thing exactly as he had said. What a weight that was lifted from my heart finding that when he spoke he was telling the truth. Hallelujah! A bit of trust between us was restored at that moment. Hopefully no repercussions about my checking up on him, as I hope he won’t find out that I did call the person he had met with after work. It is a vendor that he deals with occasionally from out of town, so he doesn’t have daily contact and my actions will hopefully just slip through the cracks undetected.

The day before he had showed me an e-mail from this gentleman who had invited him for dinner and a beer. He left it on the counter that night and I copied the phone number down. I was absolutely sure that he was hooking up with a woman (I thought it would be her) or any woman. But he wasn’t, of course unless he asked this guy to lie, which I guess is a possibility. However I don’t think he would come right out and ask someone to lie for him. He would have to reveal a bit of his other personality and he doesn’t show that to the rest of the world that “adores” him. He wouldn’t look saintly and that’s not how he wants it. Loves his adoring work world friends to think of him on that pedestal. (I guess there is that remote possibility that he is also hooking up with men, I read a lot of stories about some men’s secret desires that are totally unknown to others.) But we’re not going there now.

So after he called to say that he was on his way I waited about an hour and called the number and inquired if my husband was still there (“so sorry to bother you but this is Mrs. _______, ___________’s wife I’ve been trying to reach him it’s urgent and his phone must be dead, he left your e-mail on desk so I thought I might catch him before he left”.) His response felt honest and genuine “Oh no bother at all, but he’he left about an hour ago. We exchanged a polite goodbye and ended. Sure enough at about exactly 1-1/2 hours from time left he walked through the door. I wanted to congratulate him on actually being where he said he was (u know positive reinforcement) but that would defeat the purpose of being stealth. So this would have to be a silent victory toast to seeing a good thing. Would be nice to see more. Keeping my fingers crossed. o

Sometimes there’s something that can give you hope