Yes I blew It! So you wanna talk about responsibility?

OK, OK I know already- I BLEW IT! Yes I did! I had a good reason for it. Does that sound familiar? If you’re dealing with infidelity in your relationship or marriage and your spouse hasn’t acknowledged anything, anything at all about the affair then they’re probably NOT on the road to accepting responsibility for their actions. Remember cheaters tend to be BIG liars, they have to be, to keep up their deceptions up, it has become a habit, a VERY BAD HABIT. So many times, while they’re answering your questions they want to be honest (hopefully), yet their answers seem jaded, it’s more like THEIR own version of the truth. If they’re lying to you that means they’re to themselves as well. At least they’re talking to you and each time they do, you get a closer to an unedited version of the truth.

So I humble myself today and take responsibility for my actions (or in my case non-action). I accept my failure to follow through on the commitment I made, to write each and every day for 30 days and then on day three – no post! My bad! Well I have a good reason (yeah right and your eyeballs roll) kind of. I had the beginnings of my post thought out but I got busy during the day and never did begin typing. I rationalized this in my mind, the days not over, got till midnight that’s plenty of time. Then I got the call, it was my sister, my niece was MIA, “had I seen her today?” No -why? She never picked her daughter up from school, and no one could reach her. Apparently she had traded vehicles with a friend, so her and daughter could go ride the quads after school. At the designated time and place the friend went to exchange vehicles but did not show up. He waited for over hour and half she’s still a no-show. Finally he goes to her house and it was obvious she hadn’t returned at all, as the new quad hadn’t been moved. She was supposed to pick-up daughter (school had to call my mom) and meet him again at 4:30pm. He was worried, he had last seen her at about 1:30, and she wasn’t answering calls. We (extended family) really starting to worry, well long story short finally discovered (thanks to friends on facebook) that she had been arrested for drinking and driving and was in jail in another county. She BLEW IT-BIG TIME as this is not her first DUI. So at 10pm as I was ready to sit down and write I had to go and pick her up (no one else could go). I mulled to myself (%$#$%^) that I won’t get to post before midnight-AAUUGGGGHHHH!

On the ride home (from picking her up) we were talking about what had happened and she (sort of) was accepting responsibility. Then she starts talking about how the other driver tried cut her off thus a small collision occurred (no one hurt, no damage to vehicles either) trying to shift the blame. But i’m sure she must of reeked like alcohol, as she still did when I picked her up- and because of that the police were called and they gave her breathalizer test (zero tolerance after you have one DUI) she failed and was taken to jail. So i’m listening to her talk about how now she gonna get in shape, she gonna look real good cuz have to ride bike everywhere now. As I began to think back, to the first incident she had, the penalty was no license or driving and attendance in MANY, MANY hours of classes (and a nwhole lot of $$$$) for 9 months. With a daughter in private school, gymnastics etc., her DUI classes that she must attend and her job, all in different parts of town, our family spent 9 months hauling her ass everywhere (never even offering to pay for gas). All I could think about was the next 18 months (yes double the time) that my family would be hauling her everywhere again. She is not taking responsibility for her actions and others will pay the price!! Sound familiar?

So I am acknowledging my responsibility (mostly to my self) and my loyal readers-lol- and will post TWICE today. A FYI moment here: I mentioned links in yesterdays post however they didn’t get put in correctly (for some reason-still learning) so they didn’t show up. I’ve gone back and added those links-I think. I’d like to end each post with a quote:

“The power behind taking responsibility for your actions lies in putting an end to negative thought patterns. You no longer dwell on what went wrong or focus on who you are going to blame. You don’t waste time building roadblocks to your success. Instead you are set free and can now focus on succeeding.” Lorii Myers

Manana, chely5150

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