I Thought…

I thought…..

…..I had finally met the man of my dreams.

…..he was my soulmate.

…..he was wonderful and caring.

…..he loved ME.

…..he was one of the good ones.

…..I could trust him.

…..I was special to him.

…..our sex life fulfilled both of our needs.

…..he was smart, successful, capable man.

…..his words were true and his intentions good.

…..he was a good father.

…..I’d love him forever.

…..the same rules applied to us both.

…..we would be together forever.

…..he would never hurt or betray me.

…..he would never hurt me on purpose.

…..that this our marriage was what he wanted.

…..he had ended the affair.

…..my love would save us.

…..our years together(20+) would trumph the affair.

…..that as my hair starts to gray and gravity sets in we would still be hand in hand walking, on the beach
still able to look into one another’s eyes and know the struggles had all been worth it.

…..I think I think TOO much!

3 thoughts on “I Thought…

  1. This is not overthinking. You deserve this. 💗


  2. You are not alone dear sister


    • chely5150 says:

      Yes unfortunely there are too many sisters (& brothers) that can relate. Thx for reading & commenting. Hugs to you! Chely On Jan 17, 2015 1:14 PM, “He's now my Knight in " NOT SO SHINING" armour” wrote:



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