Just browsing through the lists of blogs I either follow or check up on now and then. I like to put a search topic into wordpress browser and see new stuff. Well I just put in the term mid life crises and guess what?? No blogs on that topic.? I find that surprising since I’ve posted and tagged several posts as mid-life crisis, yet none show in the search? WTF What’s up with that? Well since this appears to no be my WTF post I think i’ll go ahead and vent just a bit. I’m not asking permission, just letting you know what your in store for. Do you even take a chance and continue to read? Let’s see.

1) If you have read any of my other posts then you probably know I can be very “wordy”. I try to keep posts short(er) so there easy on the eyes but I somehow can’t get all the information into those short ones. So are the long posts keeping people away?

2) If you come to see photos of crying men and women (or whatever) ain’t happening here – never could quite get a grip on the download of free, into the basket, then into the holder, then onto the page. Whatever I don’t care. Is no pictures keeping people away?

3) If you haven’t noticed I really enjoy the “sciency” stuff related why we as humans do what we do. I find it fascinating it is behind what all of us do, say and think. So in my posts i usually refer to other websites or articles that I base my opinion on. I’d like to think there are others interested in knowing these things too. But i’m not sure, since I don’t see mentions or links. Is the “sciency” talk keeping people away?

4) If you come to hear me bitch and moan about (I use this term because it is the chosen word used by most betrayeds) the whore that he fucked. That’s not happening. While I certainly don’t like to think of her or truthfully even include her in my posts. She is a nothing. She is nothing but a low-life, skanky married woman who isn’t deserving of my attention. So no whore talk here. Do want to whore bash? Not happening here.

5) If you come to here me whine about my crappy life and husband, wait oh yeah that’s what I write about, next.

6) If you want to know the truth sometimes it bothers me, that despite a nice following of other bloggers, I see so many other blogs that are simply about the whining about who knows what- get so many comments that I wonder if I put too much thought and care into my posts. But maybe i’m missing the point. I started this blog sort of as a journal of my dealings with a cheating husband, and all the crap that comes with being married to a true narcissist. So I began this for me not just to be read by others. Maybe I don’t whine enough? Maybe they have enough reality right now. Does that keep readers away?

7) If you make any comments to a blog that you don’t agree with be careful you might be labeled a troll. A lot of authors don’t like to hear a different opinion. Even when presented respectfully a lot of people don’t like being told a different thought about the subject of their post. I disagree frequently.But I try to do so respectfully. I know I can’t get someone to look at a different point of view if i’m slamming them so no troll comments here. Maybe the lack of controversary keeps them away?

8) If you put in the topic heading in the wordpress reader of your blog you’d think you’d eventually see it scrolling through those list of others blogs. Yet after over half an hour scrolling nothing that I see of mine pops up. I realize I don’t post every single day (or multiple in one day) but I am a blog on infidelity and you think it would show up? Thanks wordpress.

9) If you think that the title of my blog is too hard to remember or too hard to say then oh well. It’s my blog and i’ll call it what I want. ****I have to say I have seen some awesome blog titles out there, love them, very clever.***** But do you know the reason I chose such a tongue twister of a title? I didn’t think so.You don’t have to be able to say it to read it.

10) If you don’t care for my writing style that’s fine. Everybody is different but it can be frustrating to see some very blah, blah ,blah blogs get so many likes. My blog while public for anyone to read, is not known to exist by those who know me. Family and friends have no idea about my writings and what my life is really like this last year. I don’t link to facebook or any other social media that draws in followers, so my pool of potential readers is much smaller than those that do.My bad Since I’m not “out” on being cheated on. Loose followers by default.

11) If you read my work and feel I’m just being a fool trying to save my marriage with a cheating, narcissist who doesn’t show any remorse, and just feel sorry for me then – it’s okay to say so respectfully. However I know I have to try this my way before I throw in the towel. Call me crazy-why not? He’s convinced most people we know that I am anyway. Funny he even asked me what the 5150 meant in my e-mail address. Do you know what 5150 stands for?

Please don’t get me wrong. There are excellent blogs out there that I read and follow. But some days you just wonder is this really worth the time and effort that it takes (for me at least) to write and post? I think it is. Or maybe i’m just 5150.

Okay that’s it! I’m finished with my WTF post. Just needed to get a couple of things off my chest. Done with that. Now I better get writing my next post. Will you read it?


4 thoughts on “WTF

  1. 5150 right here with you sister. Nobody…okay very few…read or comment on my blog either but it helps me to write it out. It’s nice to know ….sorry in a total 5150 way lol….that we can go thru this crap together. Just found your blog tonight but I will be back. Keep writing!


    • chely5150 says:

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I guess it’s true one starts a blog (at least BS) for ourselves as a life line to try to survive. I’m not sure what is worse the actual d-day or the realization that the relationship I thought I was in, never really existed. The first is a bit more of the shock and devastation. While the second is more of a unfortunate wake-up call. No fun being a member of this damn club. Take each day one at a time and hopefully still standing when the dust settles. It’s the only thing I can do. Thanks again for your comments, it is such a good feeling to know we are not all alone. Chely


  2. perdido says:

    I don’t get much interaction either but I think that’s because most people don’t know how to handle what I write about. I enjoy your blog. I don’t visit alot because I read so many blogs I forget about half of them half the time and my bookmarks are so crowded with blogs that have disappeared or whatnot that I can’t keep track lol


    • chely5150 says:

      It can get hectic to keep up with one’s own blog, comments and replies, as well as read through those followed and new ones and keep up with life. So thank-you for stopping in to read and taking the time to comment. It is nice to know that there readers. I went to your blog and got introduced to you. You sound like a special girl who has had some terrible breaks in your life. What I hear in your words are courage and determination to persevere despite such odds. I admire that – there are days I wish I could say courage is one of my virtues. (I tried to comment on your site as well but got hung up entering URL ) Come back anytime and I will be visiting you. Thanks!


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