kind words from strangers can be so good to here

A couple of days ago I posted a comment on the site Psychology Alive. The article was titled “its never too late to have a happy marriage” (see article and comments @ http://www.psychologytoday. com/comment_redirect/624655). The article had me in tears and the comment I posted was quite emotional.And while I comment frequently on lots of different blogs and websites, the follow-up response I received was so caring and her words really lifted my spirit and mood. While it isn’t technically “new” in terms of I have read that idea before, basically the main component of healing. Focus on yourself , find who you are again and don’t worry so much him. Find your passion and the warmth and goodness from within. Find the person that got lost (or I’d like to think of it as
that’s what
exposure to
does ;
hijack who
you are. My
point is her
words very
healing to
me and while
hearing this
doesnt mean
been very successful at I. But the way she said it really helped. And I wanted to acknowledge her in my post as she is a professional in the “healing industry” and not often does one receive comments from them. Thank-you very much Barbara Panning!

In other news since this is a different type of post: WordPress is hosting their 14th BlogHer workshops on June 24 & 25th in San Jose .CA , USA and I only live bout 2 hours away from there – so this will be my BIG doing something just about me moment as i’ve decided I’m going for one of the days! I’m so excited to be able to meet other bloggers, many of the WordPress staff as well as learn about better blogging-WOW -THIS IS SO EXCITING! And I will begin again to regain my spirit and passion of yesteryear.

I challenge any of you bloggers that live in or near San Jose .ca to stop the presses and come, learn, and remember people and interact with with similar interests.

It was written by counselor Barbara Panning from No. CA. And I wanted to acknowledge her passion,
for helping others.


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