The definition of…

I have to admit that I’ve acquired a new obsession.  The definition of words. I know it sounds crazy but I have developed this need to know the “dictionary definition” or “real” as I call it, even though I know the meaning of many, many words. (consider myself fairly well read).  Yet it has become a real “have to” for me.  Important as a writer (yeah who am I kidding). Definitions are exact meanings, a part of the world that is so “black or white”. Truthfully that’s not me. I don’t live in the “black and white” world (for the most part).  I live in that middle dimension, in shades of grey. I believe that every one of life’s experiences are tempered by individual circumstances and personalities thus the world of grey, located in the middle between the black and white world. So it surprises me how obsessed I’ve become with this need to know. 


When I’m writing I feel a great deal of responsibility in the words that I type. (I wanted to say put pen to paper but it sounded too old fashion! lol)  It’s this new found devotion – my new love -dare I say!  I mean it’s become very important to me to get it right, using words to express my emotions.  Maybe because, how well I communicate has become something I’m more aware of. Effective communication has never been my strongest virtue, in my life, relationships, daily interactions and now my writing.  Not perfect -no, no I gave perfect up a long time ago!  Just more thought in the words that I choose. Hopefully improving my communications with others.  Especially my spouse.  I don’t want to say the wrong thing or more so have it interpreted incorrectly because I chose the wrong word. Especially when dealing with betrayal/infidelity and trying to save your marriage, it’s extra important.  It’s too easy, to get carried away when in a “discussion” (heated or not) trying to communicate what you feel to your partner. I have heard of one wrong tirade causing unreversrable damage. I do try to choose my words carefully. Not like walk on eggshells more a matter of keeping my power in our exchanges while not seeming too much like a bitch..


  I imagine there are many of you whose style of writing may be completely different than mine. Or very similar. I bet there’s just as many who write in the “shoot from the hip style” .  Or probably about a hundred different ways. Inquiring minds want to know. And so you may frequently see the “definition” of certain words in my blog.  I told you, it’s my newest obsession. What do you think?  How would you describe your “style” of writing (or photography or ?).  Do you put a lot of thought in prior to?  Or just sit down and let it flow?  Spelling/grammar is it important to you? Do you proofread & edit?

And definition what about the definition of …                                 Do tell!!

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “That’s what careless words do. They make people love you a little less”.
Arundhati Roy

Bonehead update: ok so now i’m really getting screwed up – can’t figure and stupid pictures and now when I updated my widgets they disappeared on me! Oh my aching head – I shoulda took a #$%@ computer class!


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