Today is a new beginning-finally!!

Today is my oldest sons birthday, and so it is 22years ago that I embarked an this new journey as a mother. I thought it only appropriate that on this date I would begin another new journey- writing this blog. It is a place to share thoughts, hope, frustration, love and dreams of “la vida loca”. It is the mental state of “reaching out” to “reach within” and that knowledge is power. So that I may heal too many wounds that never healed, and offer HOPE to anyone who that feels alone in dealing with well just “LIFE”. Remember i’m new at this so please bear with me as I learn to navigate through the blog world. Oh and one more thing (OMT), I decided to accept the zero to hero new blog challenge and will write everyday for 30 minutes & post everyday for 30days (what have I got myself into)? Will you join me? Here we go….

….The one thing i’ve come to realize about human beings, life and life’s problems- is that much of life’s misery can be traced back to one’s self. Yes I know, no one really appreciates hearing that, having to accept that. But I must speak the truth as uncomfortable as it might be. That if you are experiencing problems in your marriage, family, friends, career, your life then its time to look in the mirror and see how what one says and does or doesn’t say or do effects our relationships and our life.

….I recently had to A LOT of that and while i’m to a point where I can see and accept the ways in which I’ve screwed up- really does not make it any easier. My journey into hell (and hopefully back) began the day I discovered text messages of a sexual nature on my husbands phone and they weren’t sent to me! auuuuggghhhhh!


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